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    How do I match frame to another sequence, and NOT to the original clip ?


      (I just precise that I'm french, so please excuse me if I make any mistake. Thanks !)


      I've been searching for days and I've found no answer. On Avid, you can do a match frame from your sequence in the record monitor to another sequence in the source monitor, as long as this one has the same frame. It dosn't have to be the original clip. On premiere, the only match frame you can do is with the original clip, which will automatically appear in the source monitor. Even if you put a sequence into the source monitor, premiere will just ignore it and give you the original clip.


      I found this pretty curious, since it can actually do the opposite ! Here's what I mean : if you try a reversed match frame from whatever sequence in the source monitor, it will not work (the sequence in the record monitor stays as it is). BUT if you do a reversed match frame with the exact same sequence as the one in the record monitor (you then have the same sequence in the source monitor AND in the record monitor), then it works ! It gives you the same frame you have on the source monitor !

      But that's a detail...


      The thing is, I wanted to know if there is any way to do a match frame and a reversed match frame from any sequence to any sequence, and not using the original clip.


      Thanks !