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    Lightroom stopped importing files - The files cannot be opened by Lightroom


      My most recent import failed on some of the 233 files I was importing on Lightroom classic CC 2018.  I get "The files cannot be opened by Lightroom. (223)"


      So I purged all previews, and tried again.   Now they all fail.


      In the import screen, all the new images (from a Sony A7 Riii) show "preview not available for this file". I have previously imported files fine.


      They show up well in bridge and photoshop.


      I tried renaming the directory but no luck.  Removing files already in catalogue and trying to re-add them creates the same issue.




      UPDATE:  I reinstalled adobe raw 11, but in Lightroom when I go to "about" I see that it's using 10.  How do I get it to use 11?  Adobe desktop manager says I have latest version.  I am on a Mac