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    Printing to Canon Pixma Pro 100


      Photos are dim and have a yellow/brown tone to them.  I've tried printing with LR and the printer controlling the print. I have been unable to find any Canon plug ins I can upload to LR.  I've been converting the files from RAW to TIFF, should I be using JPEG?  What else am I missing? Thanks!

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          Laura Shoe Adobe Community Professional

          Hi Steve,


          First, there's no need to convert your file - just select your raw file and go to the Print module.


          There can be many reasons for prints not matching what you see in Lightroom. Here are the top ones.


          - Most commonly, your monitor is not properly calibrated. Use a device such as a ColorMunki Display to calibrate with. Use the software's ambient light auto-measurement, or start with a luminance in the 80-90 range. You may have to do some test prints and adjust luminance to match.

          - Regarding color cast: you're using a printer profile but not turning off color management in the printer driver.

          - Regarding color cast: Printer nozzles are clogged.


          If you have calibrated your monitor and have checked the second two, then please provide screenshots of your LR and printer settings.

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            JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            I have that printer, and get excellent results. Good match between print and what I see on the monitor. I don't use Print Studio Pro (the Canon print utility) very often because it doesn't seem to provide any benefit over printing from Lightroom. My monitor has not been calibrated with any hardware device, but I have a "Poor man's" method of calibrating that seems to work for me.

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              Awitmer Level 1

              I also print from Lightroom to a Canon Pixma Pro 100 printer with excellent results without using the Canon Print Studio plugin. I use a calibrated display.


              I really suspect screen calibration is the issue here.

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                stevem46322779 Level 1

                Laura - Thanks for the quick reply.  I corrected the calibration and was able to get the Canon plug-in installed,  problems solved. Appreciate your help!