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    Lightroom and MacBooks


      I was wondering if anyone has figured out what is the best new MacBook (air, pro 13, or pro 15 and which model) to run lightroom now and into the future. I would even consider an iPad pro except that my internet is slow and already overloaded and I'd rather do my work locally. Also, I constantly have my laptop on my lap and do a lot of typing.


      I am currently using a mid 2011 (yes that year is correct) MacBook air and it can barely run lightroom anymore. I am willing to put out more money for a computer that is likely to keep running Lightroom as time passes. I've read that the top model of the 13" is good and the next to top model of the 15" (not the i9 which is reported to heat things up too much). Thank you in advance for your opinions.


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