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    Acrobat will not open PDF files with non-standard colors.  Invalid Function resource error.

    msturner Level 1

      I have the current version of Acrobat XI Pro.  I create PDF files from an vector object illustration program.  If all objects contain standard colors from the default palette, Acrobat opens them just fine.  If I change even one object to a nonstandard RGB color, even slightly, I get an invalid function resource error.  Changing the object back to the standard color will allow it to open just fine.


      I've tried PDF repair programs without success.  Many other PDF reader programs open the files just fine, including Foxit Reader, Google Chrome, and NitroPDF.


      I do not know anything about Acrobat's color scheme, so I do not know what is causing the problem, or how to get around it.


      Any suggestions will be appreciated!