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    Importing Audio


      I am having problems when placing imported audio on the timeline and then after exporting.  I import an .aif and in the source preview, it sounds good.  Then I drop it into the timeline and it sounds terrible (super low bitrate, no fidelity etc). I have played with all of my import settings and am importing to an "HD" project. 

      Assuming that it could be an issue with the timeline playback I have exported it in many different formats with low to the highest bit rates available and it sounds terrible.  I have opened new project files, deleted the media cache, imported from different folders to no avail.  Any ideas on what could be causing this?

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          carolinesears Adobe Employee

          Hey there, Chris! That sounds frustrating. My guess is that if it's only distorting within the timeline, maybe it's your sequence settings. You can adjust them by clicking "Sequence" at the toolbar across the very top of your screen and going to "Sequence Settings" and playing around with the audio section.


          Let me know how that goes!