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    All develop presets are missing since v.8 update to LR Classic



      I have spent hours trying to get my develop presets (standard presets and user presets) to populate since updating to CC Classic version 8 a couple of days ago. When I go in to preferences and select select "show lightroom develop presets" it takes me to Roaming -> Adobe -> Camera Raw -> Settings. All of my presets are in the folder as XMP files with no extra characters that precede the preset title. I have even created a "test" preset from the presets tab in LR to see if it would populate something new. The pop-up screen indicates that a new preset has been created but the presets panel remains empty. When I look in the Settings file, the test preset is listed.

      I even checked my presets by going in to Photoshop ACR. All of my presets are listed there and active. I created a new preset within ACR expecting that it would populate in LR. It did not. Just trying to test things.

      This is driving me nuts as I use LR all the time. I think I've tried all the simple fixes - even made sure that I had full Admin and user rights to things.

      Can anyone help???  Many thanks!!