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    Flex 3 Plugin with IBM RAD 7.5 beta

      After posting the following message on the IBM RAD 7.5 beta developers forum:

      After installing RAD 7.5 beta and Flex 3.0 Plug-in, we get an internal
      build error after creating a Flex project and trying to run it. The error
      message wasn't too informative. We think the problem is centered around
      the versions of Xerces that both RAD and Flex use that is the issue. If the
      Rational product development team can download and install the Flex 3 as
      an Eclipse plugin, and try it, they can probably debug this and dig deeper
      than we could to understand what the problem is.

      I got the following response back from one of their engineers:

      I've looked at this some. It appears the Adobe Flex plugin
      ships an old version of Xerces (2.4) and apparently some
      changes to xerces in a xercesPatch.jar. So ... this will be
      impossible to fix I think, without Adobe changing their code
      to use a more recent version, without patches, etc. Note that
      even if it would work to put their version on the bootclasspath
      (which it won't, since that's the old Java model, not the
      OSGi model used in Eclipse) that would effectively force this old,
      patched version of xerces on to every other plugin which is
      not only being a not-very-nice Eclipse citizen, it would almost
      surely break some other code that depends on more recent
      versions of xerces. I hope this sheds some light on the issue
      ... even though it doesn't help solve anything.

      Will there be a possible resolution to this?

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          It sounds like Eclipse should load each plug-in using its own class loader so that we are not in "jar hell" with all the plug-ins needing the same version of library jars to be functional. While this also introduces issues (due to java's strong typing and security paranoia), it is the only real solution in the long run. In the short run Eclipse should include a standard version of such common libraries so plug-in versions targeted at a certain Eclipse version can standardize on a version. I am sure that if Adobe updates their version to match IBM they will break compatability with some other version of bundled Eclipse.

          You can always use the stand alone FB to edit your Flex assets and IBM to edit your Java assets.