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    Creating a complex table of information


      Thanks for taking the time to read my query. I'm currently construction an array/table of information for a gallery of sorts which breaks down roughly as follows.

      Category Title
      Category Thumbnail
      Category Brief Description

      Inside each individual category it would further splinter as follows...

      Category Job1 Title
      Category Job1 Thumbnail
      Category Job1 Brief Description
      Category Job1 ExampleThumb1
      Category Job1 ExampleMain1
      Category Job1 ExampleDescription1
      Category Job2 Title
      Category Job2 Thumbnail
      Category Job2 Brief Description
      Category Job2 ExampleThumb1
      Category Job2 ExampleMain1
      Category Job2 ExampleDescription1

      And so forth, my query is the best way of creating this. I (think) I need to create the core categories first and then some how add all the job properyies/information to a specific category. In the past I have used arrays within arrays, but I have started using objects. I've used object builders like this in the past...

      function fillDetails(textHead,catMember,link,thumb,under){
      this.texthead = textHead; // The seen text title
      this.catMember = catMember; // Member of which category
      this.link = link; // Link to category content.swf
      this.thumb = thumb; // Path to thumb nail image

      theSections = new Array();
      theSections[0] = new _root.fillDetails("Home","Home","homeMainTemp.swf","thumbs/homePre.jpg");

      I am currently repeating this technique but adding a reference to a second set objects (the jobs) built in a similar way.

      I'm looking to improve my scripting skills, and I'm really looking for guidance to the cleanest (and leanest) way of creating this kind of structure. Any ideas or tips would be greatly appreciated, or if anyone knows of a tutorial dealing with a similar subject, that would be fantastic.

      Thanks once again.