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    Syncing edits from CC Mobile to Classic


      Hello all-


      I recently went through and edited 50+ images in LR CC using the ios app because my desktop was down and that is all I had available at the time. I recently upgraded to LR Classic on my desktop, so I assumed I could finalize the edits and export at full resolution from my desk top once it was back in commission. My client is looking to print the images, so I was planning on sending them the full resolution image which is around 40MB rather than the low resolution files that are exported using LR CC (5MB).


      I realize I can easily sync my images from LR Classic to LR CC, but am not able to find the steps on how to do this in reverse. My options seem to be:

      1. Import the RAW files with no edits directly from my external hard drive to LR Classic and edit the images again from scratch on my desktop or

      2. Import the files to LC Classic that were exported from LR CC at low resolution.


      Since my client has already seen the images and like the edits and want to make prints with them, neither of these options are good at all. Any suggestions at all would be appreciated!