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    Issues with Logitech mouse and keyboard since updating.

    Stephen Doemland Level 1

      I recently updated to the latest version of Premiere Pro on one of my MacBook Pros. Since updating my Craft Keyboard and MX Master 2s Mouse don't seem to have full functionality only while Premiere is open. I have tested by opening up Photoshop and this does not appear to cause the Logitech control software to crash. Posting this here in addition to sending to Logitech in hopes of resolving this issue ASAP. I know that my keyboard and mouse combo is popular amongst video pro's so hoping someone can help.



      Thanks in advance!



      Tech Specs

      macOS Mojave version 10.14

      15-inch, 2017

      3.1 i7

      16 GB Ram


      Running the latest version of Logitech Options (just re-installed yesterday to try to resolve this issue)


      Running version 13.0.1 (Build 13) of Premiere


      Also, just updated my older mac and was not able to re-create the issue.