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    Feature request for Jive

    WolfShade Level 4

      Hello, all,


      I'd like to make a suggestion for a feature request for the Jive platform that Adobe is using for Forums:  The ability to choose which actions within threads will trigger the alert of new activity in subscribed topics.


      For example, whenever I see the grey oval at the top right turn orange with a number indicating how many threads have new activity, it's fair to say I'm a bit excited to go and check what that new activity is.  Is it a reply?  Did someone mark an answer helpful, or correct?  Did someone "like" a reply?



      After clicking the orange oval to see what the new activity is, it's usually one of the aforementioned actions.  However, I'm really disappointed when all I see are anywhere from one to ten instances of "Preran marked {insert name here}'s answer as correct".  I get the need to mark correct answers, even if the OP may or may not feel that it's the correct answer, but I'm annoyed (yet, again) by being alerted to the fact that a mod marked an answer as correct.  Who cares?  It wasn't the OP.



      Could someone at Adobe please pass this request on to the Jive developers?  If we are going to be forced to use Jive, at least make it somewhat more palatable.




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