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    Flash not working properly with tablets


      I recently purchased an Acer Nitro touchscreen tablet/laptop computer. However, whenever I use anything in Adobe Flash with the touchscreen, it detects the cursor a few inches above where I'm actually clicking. Zooming out reduces the distance, but then buttons may become too small for me to read. My computer has been doing this since the beginning. Recently, as of posting this, it has started doing the same with my Huion H610 pen tablet. It had been perfectly calibrated prior to today. As far as I can tell, Chrome and Flash are both up to date, and no new updates have been released in the past few days. What is the root of the problem, and how do I rectify this?

      Update: When in Firefox, my tablets are perfectly aligned with Flash, but my clicks will occasionally be interpreted as double clicks. Also, it doesn't let me click and drag, instead scrolling the entire page.

      Update 2: I recently unplugged the tablet and left it out for a while, and I plugged it back in. Now Flash is nicely calibrated in Chrome, but won't let me click and drag.