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    Exporting Files from Lightroom as Untagged RGB


      It's been a year or more since I've pursued this issue.  I'm hoping someone from Adobe will chime in here.  I would love to have the option of exporting files from Lightroom as "Untagged RGB".  Rather than get into lengthy debates, I'll answer the question why this way.  I prepare images for online display as Untagged RGB for probably the same reason that JPGs on Adobe web pages are also overwhelmingly untagged.  For example, if one visits this page


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      and downloads and opens every image that's in JPG format, one will see that the images are untagged rgb (make sure of course that the program you are opening the files in is not set to automatically convert profiles).  I'm sure that Adobe did not happen to make some mistake.  Having the option to save as untagged would smooth my workflow greatly.  Could this option be added?


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