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    Can't import video (mp4 & mov ) on premier pro cc2019 (i'm cryin')


      Hi everybody!


      That drives me crazy ( not britney spears song i promise), but I decide to install for the first time adobe premier pro cc 2019, the trial version, and if that finaly work , gonna add it to my actual adobe pack. SO, i have windows 10, the lastest version, my computer is pretty young and have cool skills (he can support easily all the update from adobe). Whatever. I launch premiere, i want to import my video annnnd, this annoying message appeared " can't be read on the computer disk / or can't read this file). So I watch and read lot of tuto, old same topic message in different forums, tried all these "fix issues" solutions, but no one works ( how to lose your day? Call me please!).
      Like Adobe cc cleaner ( with all the steps)


      Convert the video with handbrake

      Download the last windows media pack number blabla ( won't install cause my computer said " nope i already have the latest version of your stuff dude".


      So VOILA ( yeah i'm french that explain all).


      If somebody want to be my hero for this ( or wonder woman btw ). Please, make a guy happy.