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    I Give Up....I Can't Fix IT. No Video's Using IE-11

    Daytrader98 Level 1

      Problem: Videos do not play on Youtube or any other website.


      Background. I never use IE, always Firefox. I had to upgrade from IE8 to the latest Internet Explorer, IE11 because a software package I use uses IE in the stuff it does behind the scenes, and they recently had a major upgrade which rendered my IE8 (which worked for years behind the scenes) outdated. Now the video feed I get through that software doesn't work.


      So I opened IE-11 and tried Youtube just for fun. The videos get an error message. "An error occurred, please try again later"

      When on the MSN Homepage this is the error message I get when clicking on a video:  We're sorry, an error has occurred when playing video (video format is not supported).


      I like a good challenge, and I'm moderately skilled with computer things. This one has got me beat. 2 days on and off taking updates etc. I have went through forums and I can't find a solution, none of the things I have done work.


      Things I've done and system details:


      Windows 7 Home Premium. All up to date. SP-1

      64 Bit


      -I have done a "clean flash uninstall" where you run Adobe's cleaner and then go in and manually delete files; followed up with a fresh install. (This tutorial:  How do I do a clean install of Flash Player - Windows? )


      -I have Active X filtering unchecked under IE tools.


      -I went in Internet options and basically enabled everything for ActiveX "internet options/security/custom level"  tried every combination... reset back to original. Nothing worked (obviously). Did the same thing under the advanced tab/ messed with all those settings that might have something to do with it; no luck.... reset back to original.


      -I tried using that "Compatibility View Settings" by entering YouTube... no luck.


      -And This is puzzling:  I can see the animation in the little picture with the clouds moving on this link, and it shows that I have the latest Flash installed.

      Flash Player Help

      Flash Player Help


      I have literally tried everything.  Could this be a 62/32 Bit thing in IE? Under the add-ons tab it shows as Adobe 32 Bit and 62 Bit