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    Multiple (2) instances of parent in Folder when keeping catalogs in multiple hard drives

    davidg36166309 Level 4

      First some context


      Using new skill sets, and new tools withing Lightroom, I have been re-working old images. Now, and this will get some members arguing, but I am old school, and as such, I use multiple catalogs, not just one big humongous one. (not the point of this post)


      I keep all data files, including LR catalogs on drive F (Internal), and a copy on external B, and another on a NAS, I place CACH files, etc, on Drive S. And just to complicate things, I work on my current LR catalog on drive W (fastest drive), all apps on C.


      Moving on to the issue


      So, the issue, I copied an old catalog from F to W Started LR, Ok. BUT.. in folder I see two parents, one on F one on W. And to make things nasty, just ignoring the F drive, working in the folder on W, the catalog in F gets modified not W.


      Current work around is to move instead of copy from F to W. I have a backup, and a backup of the backup, so safe..


      So, the inquiry, what gives??