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    Keyboard shortcuts won't recognize numeric keypad.

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      I have a 2015 MacBook Pro and a purchased a wireless numeric keypad (on Amazon: Wireless Numeric Keypad by JOYEKY). When I open keyboard shortcuts, it won't register the numeric keypad, it only allows me to set shortcuts for my laptop keyboard. I've tried the number lock (clear) as suggested but still nothing.


      I'm able to use the home, end, pg. up, pg. down, numbers and arrows but nothing with a modifier key (i.e command + Arrow left = nudge 1 frame left).


      Curious if anyone else has this problem and how to resolve it. Or if there's a numeric keypad that someone has had success with. Thanks.


      x20ppro_shortcuts_tut.jpg.pagespeed.ic.D0QcNvlRPs.jpgmaxresdefault.jpgScreen Shot 2018-11-03 at 10.13.27 PM.png

      ** also I noticed that the ad spelled it functioanal, so I'm beginning to have my doubts about this purchase.