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    Lightroom & Dell Inspiron 13 5378 Screen Flicker


      There is an older discussion on this topic Lightroom CC & Screen Flicker but it is not answered and the last post seems to indicate further discussion should be posted as a new thread. So... here goes.


      I have a Dell Inspiron 13 5378

      Core i5 7200U @ 2.5GHz

      16 GB RAM

      Intel HD 620 Graphics

      240GB SSD


      Upgrades were: replaced HDD with SSD, added 8GB system RAM (matched). The problem was present both before and after RAM upgrade. The SSD has been installed since day 1. Drivers have all been updated from Dell website (except for HDD drivers, obviously).


      Lightroom Classic CC is current version (8.0 at time of writing) but issue has been present through past few updates.


      Windows 10 Home v1803 17134.345, kept up to date.


      Basics: issue happens when photos are displayed and manipulated in Lightroom Develop module. Usually the longer I'm at it, the more flickery the display becomes. Changing photos on the filmstrip seems to really bring on a storm of flickering. Both laptop display and externally connected display have the same issue. I have tried the various solutions in the above-mentioned thread (disabled virtualization, etc.) with no joy. Nothing else running that isn't necessary. Issue happens both when plugged in/on battery and I've tried setting all performance to full in power options. Issue only happens in Lightroom.


      Catalog has about 4600 photos, catalog is hosted on local drive with photos on an external USB drive. All RAW.