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    Workflow Dynamic Link Premiere to AE with changed speed

    davidh30847329 Level 1

      Hi together,


      I read here that I'm obviously not the only one having problems with constantly changes in the behavior of Dynamic Link. Withou talking that I'm very frustrated to pay for a product with seems to have more troubles and serious changes in the workflow, when updating to new versions, I have the following question and hope you have a good answer:


      Using Adobe CC 2018.3 Premiere and After Effects I'm looking for a way to stabalize footage in AE, which I edited in Premiere. Thus I cut the source to the right length and often I speed it up. In the past I just created a Subsequenz and linked this Sequenz with the video, where I applied the speed, etc., to After Effects. This worked just fine. I could then apply the stabilization filter and just had to analyse the short clip instead of the whole raw file.


      Now this is impossible. I have to remove every effect in order to link the video to After Effects. Also I need to apply then the stabilization on the source clip, which takes forever. One could imagine that the results are not the same, if you stabalize a clip which you speeded up 8 times, and therefore have less frames inbetween, which give you a complete different stabalization result in comparrison to a stabalized raw clip with all frames.


      It is clear to me that I could rework everything in After Effects, but what is the sense of Dynamic Link then anyways? I cut everything the rigth way in Premiere and like to save the step of rendering this in order to work with the rendered parts in AE. Do you guys have an idea what I could do inorder to work just as I did a couple of months ago?