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    flash video project

      hi all,
      sorry if this has been asked before, but i can't find much out there - probably because i've never developed with flash before, so not 100% sure what terms to look for.

      basically, i want to put together a basic video listings page of home movies (they're transcoded using ffmpeg into h264 format). i've come to doing the flash player for this, and can't seem to find info on setting things up how i imagined they'd work.
      most/all tutorials for flash video involve encoding the video into .flv with the player embedded in it, which isn't how i thought it would work. i had planned/hoped to have a single flash video front end for video playbay (using the flv fullscreen control), which could be told to playback from the h264 file on the server, or optionally to play through an xml list of h264 files.

      is it possible to do this, without encoding to flv?
      thanks for reading
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          funkysoul Level 4
          you can use the same procedure for h264 files as for the flv..
          Nothing has changed besides the capability of flash handling those filetypes.

          Don't forget to update your flash version to 9.0.2 and make sure you have the NEWEST flash player installed