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    Getting Started w/Robohelp Server

      My company's doc. group wants to start using RH Server to benefit from the reports. We're experienced robohelp users but none of us has used RH server before. By the way, we're using the version that ships w/ robohelp 6.

      We're meeting w/ developers next week to discuss implementing. Currently, our help is added during the installation of the software and placed in a folder on a server machine where it's installed. The help menu then points to that folder. (It's a web-based application.)

      I've read the RH Server Getting Started Guide but I'm sure we'll need to provide more info. to the developers in order to get this implemented. By the way, we've already spoken to our IT Group about setting up the server. So we're trying to get more details on integrating w/ the product and the info. we need to provide our development group. (Can we just change the links in the product to point to the RH Server?)

      If anyone can help with this or could point us to some resources on RH Server, it would be greatly appreciated.