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    LR insists on filling a local Mobile Downloads.lrdata

    stet Level 1

      This is driving me nuts - have I missed something somewhere?


      1. I have a small boot drive (Mac), and a large external drive with a biggish LR catalogue on it.

      2. I'd hoped to migrate it to CC, but the migration insists on an insane amount of space *on the boot drive* so that's out.

      3. I'm now using a mix of CC and Classic: Classic to handle the old catalogue, CC for newer files.

      4. I'd like to enable sync, so I can get certain collections to sync between the two.


      Two problems here:

      A. If you turn on sync, Classic downloads *everything* from CC (missing the point of cloud storage, to my mind). This sucks, but isn't a bug, just a misfeature.

      B. Regardless of what I set for the "Specify Location of Lightroom CC ecosystem's images" setting, it's a Mobile Downloads.lrdata on my boot drive that fills up (with originals). Delete it, LR will recreate it (until it consumes all free space on my Mac and it crashes). This seems like a bug. No?


      If I can't fix B, then I can't use LR CC and Classic sync at all. Surely that's not right. Any pointers gratefully received!