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    Use of Edge Animate Widgets

    magnumip Level 1

      I have 5 animated books/shorts created with iBooks Author and with the exclusive use of widgets

      created in Edge Animate. My question is now that the day has come, that I must move on from the use of Edge,

      what can I do with the accumulation of widgets I have beyond where they are now - embedded in iBooks Author?

      Is there a way or an online service that can convert them to movie files, or other ways to put them on display

      on sites such as Vimeo, You Tube etc. Can widgets be uploaded to Behance?


      Moving to Hype, but for me their lack of an easy way of placing audio on timeline, makes it difficult.


      See free link below:

      Released this Halloween, last project for me in Edge. (ugh!)

      Funhouse by Christopher Abbruzzi on Apple Books



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          JosephLabrecque Adobe Community Professional

          I believe you'd need to re-write the widgets for whatever platform you are moving to. I know of nothing automated in terms of conversion.

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            Animate CC has replaced most of the functionality contained in Edge Animate. I have not explored it enough to say definitively that Animate CC will accomplish the task that you are seeking. I have used Hype along with iBooks Author and it is a pretty smooth workflow.


            The bigger concern, however, may be the future of iBooks Author. Apple has shown very little enthusiasm for keeping this program up to date. I hope this changes.