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    Sharing single CSS Sheets and  other files


      I'm sure someone else has experienced this issue. I'm a web developer for a college and we are about to go through a major web site redesign.

      We are going to be rolling out Contribute after the next web site design. We have a few users of it now. During the last design I used CSS but because we have people divided up into different departments, they all have unique FTP logins. So I couldn't (or didn't know how to) let them share a single CSS sheet, or common graphics files, because in order to edit properly they need to have the CSS sheet downloaded into their machine. right? But, if they could only see their own web folder, how could I give them access to a common CSS sheet?

      I have a feeling that if I get this answered that it will also cover me for shared image files/folders, etc.

      We aren't using Contribute Server just yet. I wanted to wait until we had over 50% of our 40 users using contribute before we made that investment in time to set all that up.