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    Fujifilm X-Pro2 Raf file and X-Trans III sensor - Problematic Lightroom demosaicization



      I use a Fujifilm X-Pro2 camera.

      This camera has a very special sensor that is called X-Trans III and generates files in RAF format.

      I noticed a very bad demosaicing of these files when I import them and display them in Lightroom.

      I followed various tips and tricks that I found on the web but it seems that Lightroom is not able to make a decent demosaicization for these RAF files.

      I downloaded the free software "Capture One 11 Fuji Free" performing the same operations I do in LIghtroom.

      In this case the RAF files are perfect and perfectly demosaicized and imported.

      After many years of using Lightroom I would like to continue using this wonderful Adobe and non-Capture One program. I also have a certain age and I do not have the desire and the time to learn another new software.

      What advice could you give me?

      At Adobe could not improve Camera Raw because it is perfectly compatible with RAF files generated by the X-Trans sensor? ... like Capture One?


      iMac 27 'i5

      Use Lightroom Classic CC 7.5



      Thank you