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    Cue points in flash 7, problem on PC?

      i am using the basic cue point functionality in MX 2004, with the behaviour "Label Frame Cue Point Navigation" and you'd think it'd work right? Well unfortunately it only loads once correctly and if you try and go back to it, the video shows up blank. I am kind of desperate here! I think i need to unload then load the cue point behaviour but i have NO Idea how to do that. The code that is generated by the behaviour is located on the MediaDisplay itself and is:

      on (load) {
      // Start Labeled Frame CuePoint Behavior
      mx.controls.streamingmedia.behaviors.NamedFrameCuePointListener.initializeListener(this, _root, false);
      // End Labeled Frame CuePoint Behavior

      So i guess it needs to then be unloaded somehow before the playback head can re-load it coz on the PC it doesn't work. it's so unfair, on the mac it works fine. PLS HELP! DESPERATE!!! Cheers.