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    Removed merge references, but search still merged

    Level 7
      Hi all,

      I'm in the somewhat unusual situation of not being able to un-merge some
      projects. I've deleted all of the merge references in the TOC, however the
      index and search are still returning results for the old files. Additionally,
      the [MERGE FILES] section of the hhp shows a list of files - and not even the
      correct list that used to appear in the TOC.

      I have left all the old chm files in the same directory as the parent chm, but
      I had understood that no merging occurred unless the files were referenced in
      the parent TOC.

      Am I misunderstanding how merging works in RH6? Does anyone know where RH is
      getting the list that is being populated in the hhp file (I've deleted all the
      files in that section of the hhp, but it gets put back in.)?