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    Full motion recording bug driving me INSANE!

      Hi all,

      This issue in Captivate 2 is driving me nuts. After a recording with multiple full motion recordings, the displaying of these recordings get screwed up. With multiple full motion recordings, each time a full motion recording is supposed to be shown, instead of playing the correct recording, it plays the last recording in the project. The slides all look ok when previewing each slide itself. However, they always ends up playing the last full-motion capture when played or published.

      It's so weird that I can't even discribe it properly. Has anyone observed this and is there anyway to recover my recordings? How did my file get corrupted like that!?

      Thanks in advance.

      ~ Tzuliang
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Simple answer: Upgrade to Captivate 3. It was designed to handle more full-motion (FM) than earlier versions. Even Captivate 3 is not designed - primarily - for capturing full-motion video. This fact that is often overlooked by users who wish to use it for that purpose alone, ignoring its actual strengths and primary purposes.

          About the "corruption" you speak of - are you referring to actual corruption as in "the file will not open", or are you speaking of the FMs appearing in the wrong order? Your reference to "recovering" the recordings leads me to think you are actually losing the file itself, but if that is the case, when is the loss occurring? After the FMs appear in the wrong place, or immediately following the recording process, or what?

          Thanks for clarifying, ~Tzuliang, and welcome to the Captivate User Community!

          Good luck!
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            TLOH Level 1
            Hi Larry,

            Thanks for your prompt response. The corruption refers to the FM (mostly quick drag and drops) being displayed in the wrong order immediately after capture. It's actually not the wrong order but displaying the last FM to be displayed for every FM. So if I have 10 slides with 3FMs (at slides 1,5 ,10)... when I preview the whole project (F4), it will show FM10 three times during slides 1,5,10. When I preview slides 1-5 (F10), it will show FM5 during slide 1 and 5. And when I preview only slide 1 (F3), then it will display the correct FM1.

            On further investigation, it seems that this issue arose after I installed a demo version of Captivate 3. On uninstalling Captivate 3 and restarting my computer (was still an issue before restarting), the issue seems to be resolved. Fortunately, I can continue to record my projects. Unfortunately, it seems to have left my Captivate 2 in a more unstable condition - C2 crashes (disappears immediately after I end the recording) more easily after recording a series of actions that I was able to record previously.

            Thank you for your suggestion. However we are using the published flash files to incorporate into other media. As such we need to publish to a single file. It seems from another thread that a rather involved workaround is needed to accomplish this in C3.

            Hope this helps.

            ~ Tzuliang
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Hi ~ Tzuliang. This is a bit of a "shot in the dark" but you might (also) want to try naming the full-motion slides. Name them anything so long as the slide is not just identified with the default "number".

              I'm suggesting that because in the past there have been troubles with Captivate keeping track of slides after adding, deleting, or moving them, and the trick of naming key slides did help. Like I said, just a shot int he dark, but I hope it helps.

              I can't imagine why the install of Captivate 3 trial - and reboot - would affect the issue, but then again, I'm still confused about how pictures of people can travel through the air and show up in my television box.