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    DW 2019 will not sync with remote server

    Tom_Flannery Level 1

      Since installing the DW 2019 update, I can no longer sync changed files with the remote server.

      DW 2019 will go through the process of looking for changed files, but never presents the subsequent dialog box with a list of files to be uploaded. It just doesn't give you the changed files result and goes away. No files are uploaded. The connection to the server is fine since I can manually upload files with no problem.


      I have reinstalled the DW 2018 version, and it works as it should. I have uninstalled the 2019 version, reinstalled and it will sync with the server until you shut the system down. After that it will revert to not syncing files. This happens on 4 different systems, some are running the latest win 10 insider updates and others are running the last public release. The problem is not specific to a machine, hardware or software OS version. Have reported this as a bug, but have not received any feedback.