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    Exporting from recent PrPro2018 to Encore


      Hi all this is my first post so be kind, thanks. I have seen numerous posts on problems with exporting to Encore from more recent Versions of Premier Pro but can't see any mention of my problem


      I am trying to export from PrPro in order to import into Encore and create a DVD.  I have used the setting MPEG2-DVD as recommended and sure enough this has created two files (.M2v and .Wav), I have proceeded to burn a DVD from encore. So whats the problem you say?


      The settings for format:  MPEG2-DVD  (PAL DV Wide progressive) appear to be locked to PAL 720x576 and this has resulted in a DVD which is of poor quality with visible lines (streaking) at edges of light/dark areas. Presumably there are 576 of these?  I can't see any way of altering these settings when exporting.


      When I previously exported to MPEG2 (for passing onto client via memory stick) the format was 1920x1080 which matched the source material and this plays fine in good quality on Mac/PC whatever. I believe that this file is unsuitable for exporting into Encore to create a DVD


      Any suggestions would be much appreciated as I have a project urgently need this week




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