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    My Multi-Cam sequence is not showing the footage, just black screen.

    Tony4x4 Level 1

      Hi there,

      I am a beginner user so please bear with me if this is a simple fix.

      I created a multi-camera timeline from which I created a multi-camera sequence, using this tutorial Edit a music video |

      I edited all my footage using the multi-camera switch and then made final edits and added some B roll.

      I even finalized the project and created an MP4 of the final product.

      This morning I decided I wanted to make one more edit and opened the project file, only to find that the timeline looks correct but is not showing any video footage in the preview. It only shows the footage that was added outside of the multi-camera switching.

      If you look at my screenshots, the one is of the multi-camera timeline and the other is the edited sequence. On the edited sequence screenshot, everything that is not green will play in the preview, everything that is green does not display.


      What am I doing wrong?