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    How to import catalog from another computer

    nutmix5 Level 1

      The crux is should I import he originals first, or import the catalog first?


      I googled "lightroom classic how to import catalog" but could only find articles on importing from elements and importing from an export.


      Basically, have a main Mac with my master catalog.


      I have a PC (laptop) which I use for traveling. On the PC I installed LR Classic from scratch, which creates a new catalog and added/edited my 20GB of holiday photos.


      Now I want to bring that work into my main catalog.


      I have copied the original photos on the the HD of the Mac, but they will have slightly different folder names as I got the numbering slightly out.


      Should I import he originals into LR on the MAC first, or import the catalog form the PC first?  I don't want to mess it up.

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You could just place a copy of the catalog on the Mac and then double-click on it to start Lightroom. Since you changed the name of the folders, you'll have to go to the library and right-click on the folder or folders and choose the option to find the missing folder. Then, using Finder, point Lightroom to the folder with the correct name.