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    Vector Circle Has Jagged Edges - Why?

    thedrumdoctor Level 1
      I'm creating a button logo in Fireworks for print use and wanted to use Vector shapes as I thought they didn't distort.

      I'm working in CMYK at 300DPI.

      So I start out with a white vector circle for the outer-ring to the button using an Anti-Alias edge:

      White Button

      Then I add the inner vector cirle, same deal as before:

      Blue inner circle

      So far so good.

      Now I add an outer bevel effect to the blue circle to give the button effect and....


      The blue circle's edges have gone jagged! What happened there? I thought that Vector shapes retained their edges because they weren't confined to tiny pixels. What's going on, why aren't the edges retaining their smoothness once I've applied an effect to the shape?