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    Thumbnail View in 2019 Wastes Too Much Space

    icurate2005 Level 1

      I spent today trying to get used to the new look but I seemed to be doing a lot of scrolling that I wasn't before. I work with hundreds, sometimes thousands of images at a time, rearranging them before giving them a final name for archiving. I was very happy last year when I got a large display that reduced the amount of scrolling I had to do. With this new version of Bridge, I can see 30% fewer thumbnails at a time. I have noticed an improvement in the overall performance of the application but, having to spend much more time scrolling cancels that out. Between this and the Workspace buttons issue I am very disappointed in this version. With version 2018 I can see 78 images at a time, with version 2019 I can only see 60. Screenshots attached, the first is 2018. Thumbnails measure the same in both instances.