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    Calling a flex applications from another flex applications

      hi.. I'm new to flex.. just learning it a week ago. I try to look for source or sample but can't find any of it.
      I have one main flex application. This flex have a few accordian (menu). A few of the menu should call and open another flex applications either in the same page (replace the main and should be able to go back to main) or in different window. I'm used to java and jsp code. In jsp, we would used document.open or window.open. How am I going to do that in Flex? FYI, I'm using Flex 2 as the requirement need to do this. The flex will be integrated with PHP.
      Appreciate any help...
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          peterent Level 2
          In Flex we really try to avoid opening new browser windows or changing the current page's context - that's a major reason for using Flex. If you REALLY want to do that, then look at the documentation for navigateToURL() function.

          Otherwise you can load in another Flex application right into your current application using the SWFLoader class. You may need to redo some of your architecture to account for this new way of thinking.