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    Lightroom Classic On Mojave is very slow when importing!


      Has anyone experienced this problem? I have a brand new macbook pro 2018. Upgraded the OS to Mojave and installed lightroom latest version. I’ve tried importing a few hundred of photos without making any previews nor applying any presets, which takes less than a minute on my 2014 iMac. On my MBP, it takes more than 10 minutes. FYI this was importing not from any external HDs or SD cards. I’ve copied these raw files to my desktop before importing them. I’ve tried reinstalling the app and tried other suggested solutions but none solved the issue. My last resort was to downgrade OS to High Sierra to see if that helps. And IT DID! On High Sierra, importing the files was super fast and no problem at all. I‘m guessing there is a compatibility issue with LS Classic and Mojave. Does anyone else have this problem?



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