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    accent and french characters from loadVar

    Ben Danis
      I have a script that loads variables from HTML files. Those files are somewhat long text with proper html tags (p, h1, a, etc.). The content of the loadvar is then assigned to the htmlText of a text field.

      The problem is that Flash truncates the text on the first accent it encounters. In Dreamweaver, i've tried changing all the accents to the ascii codes (&#xxx;) and to the HTML names (à).

      I've tried putting the actual characters within the code window as well, that doesn't result in the text being truncated, but it simply doesn't display the letter and some other letters following it too.

      I've managed to read text properly from an XML, but in this instance, i'd like to keep the formating - bolds, headers, etc.

      Is there another option i haven't looked at when it comes to outputting special characters from a loadVar.