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    Lightroom vs Canon 6d mII

    MarcoHopster Level 1



      I have a canon 6d Mark II and i use lightroom CC.

      I think the quality of the raw pictures are bad in Lightroom. I see a lot of image noise.

      In dutch we called it "ruis"

      When i open my raw image in an canon software, the picture is perfect. sharp, and usable for photobooks.


      What do i wrong? I think the quality of lightroom is bad

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          JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Perhaps the Canon software is applying more noise reduction and sharpening initially than Lightroom does. Every raw processor has its own algorithm, and there isn't any to processors that will process images exactly the same. If you can apply adjustments in Lightroom to achieve the desired result then I would think that is all that should be expected.

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            gary_sc Adobe Community Professional

            Hi Marco,


            I have the 7Dm2 and I can't say my images are bad. Can you share one of your raw files and I'll compare it to one of mine? Maybe there is something strange between your settings or my settings?


            Here is one of my images, nothing special but lots of color. There is no enhancement on this image. (I am hoping to attach this image by dragging it into this window, not sure if it's working or not.)


            Nope, not able to attach a DNG, sorry

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