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    AcroCEF Helper


      I posted earlier (November 6, 2018, ~11:30am) and someone from Adobe support contacted me to follow up (only through Google chat). I wanted to post a response after, but found that my original post had been deleted even though the issue was unresolved. This leads me to believe that many other people are having the same problem. Something shady is going on if Adobe Customer Care is deleting unresolved customer issues/complaints.


      The original post was about this AcroCEF Helper error message window constantly popping up whenever I use Adobe Acrobat. I'm running CC on MacOS 10.13 (High Sierra). It interrupts my work about every 30 seconds so I have to quit Acrobat immediately after working on a PDF, and then close a dozen windows.

      Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 11.15.54 AM.png

      This is what I wanted to add after chatting with Adobe Customer Care:

      I contacted Adobe Support directly and they wrote "We [can] certainly help you to get the issue resolved." The only solution offered was to purchase Adobe Acrobat Pro 2017 for $450! It's ridiculously steep considering I already pay $600+ for CC subscription every year. I am a freelancer working out of my home and I only use 4 apps out of their ever-growing collection. The second offer was $299 for 1 Mac "after all the discounts" (whatever that means). After some back and forth (I've purchased CS4 and CS5 and CC2017), the third and final offer was Acrobat XI Pro for $150. They just want to squeeze every dime out of their customers since they know there isn't much alternative out there. So frustrating!


      I'll take a screenshot of this in case they delete it again!