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    Dynamic Link Issues with Premiere 2019 (Mac)


      Inspired by this thread, I tried to close AfterEffects and do "Render In to Out" again.

      Wow. It does speeds up the render.

      Even playback is improved. Feels like CC2018 again.


      Something is terribly wrong with the way Premiere CC2019 works with AfterEffects CC2019 under the hood.

      The whole idea of dynamic link is to tweak in AE, alt-tab to premiere, shift clips around, back to AE to tweak, ...

      Sorry for the caps but: IT USED TO WORK JUST FINE !

      In CC2019 alt-tab to premiere (from AE), I have to wait for so many seconds before it even got updated.


      I regret my decission to upgrade mid-project.

      As now I can't go back to the working version due to project file versioning.



      MBP "Touchbar" 15" / High Sierra 10.13.6

      2.9Ghz / 16GB DDR3 / Radeon 560 4GB

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          Wes Howell Adobe Employee

          Hello Azpangesti,


          Sorry to hear you're having issues with this.

          Can you share more details about the project?    What kind of media and filters are being used in After Effects?

          Are you able to share a short test project? 

          I work on the Premiere Pro engineering team and would be happy to lend a hand.  I have a similar laptop I can run tests on.

          Also, if you have a small project that reproduces the issue that would be very useful as well.



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            AzPangesti Level 1

            Sorry I can't share the project.

            Will find/make example to be tested.


            This particular project is a mixbag of mp4, JPG, PNG.

            Premiere timeline consist mostly of AE dynamic-link, a few JPGs, and light-leak overlay.

            Inside AE I use a bit of Trapcode starglow (just a bit), but mostly nothing fancy as I like to reduce the use of plugin.


            But I guess the plugin is outside the point. Because even without them, Premiere 2019 seems to struggle.

            Other than the crawling playback, the biggest issue for me is:

            Whenever I change something in AE (e.g. move a layer), and then come back to Premiere.. it takes a while for the Premiere to be able to play –black screen is in output monitor. It could take probably 30sec before it got updated. As if it tries to relink or something.
            Then after that playback is between choppy to impossible slow.

            I had to render in-out just to see how it play.


            Interestingly.. when I quit AE, Premiere behave as expected.

            Playback is relatively smooth with expected stutter in a more complex scene (nothing to worry there).


            This project was started in Premiere CC2018 last week. It was rather uneventful. Photoshop, Illustrator, AE, and Premiere, are all open and I was working as usual. Switching between those apps.

            While waiting for client's comment I upgraded to CC2019, and things are getting slow.

            Almost missed the deadline due to the rough workflow and the frequent render-in-to-out.



            I usually works with Mercury OpenCL

            Due to the slowness, I tried to use Metal and SoftwareOnly.. not really helping

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              Wes Howell Adobe Employee

              Glad you were able to get your work done.   Sorry for any undue stress.

              An example that shows the issue would be perfect.  Feel free to PM a dropbox link or whatever is convenient.


              I have meetings this afternoon, but I'll also plan some testing around this tomorrow.  


              Thanks for your help.   We can sort this out.



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                Same issue here. Also bad previews (frames with media pending). Not an issue on export just previews. Ae Dynamic link appears to be the culprit.


                MacPro (late 2013)/OS 10.12.6/Dual AMD FirePro D500 3072 MB/32GB Ram