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    Timeline Preview Render Stops before complete render

    heus media

      Hey guys


      I am having this problem where i want to render my timeline for a smooth preview (added clips and effects) and Premiere will start rendering it with the casual render box but then always randomly stop midway (anyhwere from 1% to 99% respectively frame 20 to frame XXX) and just close down the render box and start to play from the beginning (what i've set it to to when render is complete). The part to where it got in the timeline will be rendered and marked green, everything after that remains unrendered though.

      Now if I want to render out an entire edit with 3min content. I have to repress the <render in to out> maybe 50 times, during which I have to actively wait for it to stop, so i can press again.  This slows down my workload immensely as you can immagine....


      This happens regardless of the amount and heaviness of effects or resolution of the clips in the timeline, regardles of whether they're marked yellow or red. Same thin happens when i choose a specific in- and out point in the timeline.


      Has anyone experienced this problem and found a solution to it?


      I am running PP CC2019 on Windows 10, i7 processor and nvidia quadro k2200, 32 gb RAM. I have my projects and pretty much everything connected to Premiere Pro on the Local Disk C, but in a synchronised Drop Box Folder.


      Thanks for any help!