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    Red and blue artifacts randomly appears in LR CC Classic and exported photos






      we have been experiencing a weird issue since a month or so. some blue or red rectangle will show up in images randomly while we are browsing files in LR. When we can see them if we change photo and come back it will disappear. If they are present in a preview they will be exported and then in photoshop or any image viewer the rectangle will be present. They are not present on the original files.


      This problem happens pretty much randomly and doesn't seem to be tied to any specific gear we use. We shoot with over a dozen different 7D and 7D MK II, the memory cards are all new and rotated, some photos are transferred by USB cable and some by card readers. The photos are first imported on at least 3 to 4 different computer. They are however calibrated and retouched on the same computer here at our HO. The Graphics Processor option is disabled in LR CC Classic.


      Any idea how to fix this problem? We are currently managing 3000 to 9000 photos per week in LR and it is pretty troublesome right now.


      Thank you