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    Corrupted Catalog - LRCC


      Hello Adobe Folks!

           I do apologize for posting and asking; though, I had an issue with an Adobe Lightroom CC update that corrupted a catalog... fortunately, I have most of my photos saved to an outside HDD; though, there are a few albums which I am utterly sad about losing. I come here asking if there would be anyway in which I could send you the catalog, in hopes, to repair. I have tried SQLite to repair; though, I do not have the necessary application to fix the line of code it is in err. It literally says only one line of code is corrupted, so I come to you hoping you could possibly take a look at it. Every photo I take is so precious and I am only beating myself up more condsidering  I had not backed up in the last month and a half... Thank you for any possible solution, if any, you are able to give.