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    Latest Firefox Flash down to a crawl, unusable


      Win7 Ultimate SP1

      Firefox 52.9ESR


      Pages where problem appears:

      Wordcraft - Mindjolt Games

      Bubble Shooter | Puzzle Games HQ

      Rowowor - Mindjolt Games

      Stream Master Unlimited

      any other Flash game pages. Fortunately, YouTube no longer uses Flash.



      Since downloading the latest FlashPlayer, all my Flash games in Firefox have slowed down to a crawl, and are unusable. The Chrome Flash and Opera Flash don't have the problem. I've already posted on Mozillazine, no problem was found, and I was advised to come here next.


      Sorry about the URL's. Your program insisted on changing them.

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          Yeah, the forum software likes to do that.  If you hover over the link, it will give you a context menu where you can choose "bare URL" or something like that...


          The current release of Flash Player is  The current Firefox ESR is Firefox 60.8.0, and the current generally available version is Firefox 68.  Flash Player and Firefox are interdependent, and running arbitrarily mismatched versions is not a recipe for success. At minimum, you should run the latest ESR version.


          Flash Player has been out since October 8th, and I'm not seeing widespread reports of performance issues.


          Also, if you haven't rebooted since you started encountering performance issues, that's a great place to start.  "When in doubt, reboot" is still great advice in 2018, and at minimum, eliminates a whole host of potential causes.

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            I'm the OP.  I had to re-register because the forum wouldn't accept my PW, then not again after resetting.


            I reboot every morning.

            I have the latest esr, 52.9 ESR. They're not arbitrarily mismatched versions.  Millions of users  are staying with ESR because they don't want to lose all their extensions. I'm not alone in this.


            I first posted this problem on Mozillazine, the best forum for Mozilla products.  I tried it in Firefox Safe-Mode too. It was decided that they should work together, and I was asked to try this forum.


            I have the latest FlashPlayer, and I get updates automatically. The problem exists only in the version  I posted on Nov 7, and the one that arrived today.


            Flash has a long and miserable history of causing problems with Firefox, which is why Mozilla will be dropping it entirely soon.  It has already dropped all its other plugins and incorporated their functions into its own code.


            Although the problem isn't widespread, maybe you can shed some light on it.

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              jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

              The current Firefox ESR is Firefox 60.  https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/organizations/


              See: Firefox Extended Support Release for Your Organization, Business, Enterprise — Mozilla


              I'm unable to reproduce the performance issue you're describing, so I can't really shed any light on it.


              My recommendation is to upgrade to the current Firefox ESR and current Flash Player (I provided the wrong version number earlier -- the current version is and see if the performance issue persists.


              It would also be useful to know if you're on 32 or 64-bit Windows, and whether you're running 32 or 64-bit Firefox, as that could be in play.


              Also, if the long and miserable history of Flash Player is proving too burdensome for you, you're always welcome to uninstall it and find non-Flash alternatives for those games.  I've included a link to the uninstaller below for your convenience.


              Uninstall Flash Player - Windows:




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                VolvoxXYZ Level 1

                  I'm on a Win7-64, with a 64 FF. I'll try the 60, if I can still keep my extensions. thanks.