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    Premiere 2019 and AJA Kona 4 not playing well


      Recently installed Premiere 2019.0.1 on a new machine with a Kona 4 card in it.  The card/monitor setup had been working well on another computer running 2018 so I thought that it was a no-brainer.


      Install premiere, install the Kona drivers with the adobe extensions, and open a project.


      Premiere recognizes that there's a Kona 4 attached to the computer but there's nothing hitting the monitor.  I thought it was a bad card, so I swapped it with another Kona.  No dice.  Swapped monitors.  No dice.  Ran through all the settings in AJA Control Panel.  I can get bars from there, but once I'm back in Premiere, it just refuses to output a signal.


      Anyone else having issues with 2019.0.1 in this regard?  Kona drivers are the most recent 14.3.