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    Flash Player weird no sound

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      I can't listen to my favorite online radio station for the last couple of weeks. I tried everything suggested, nothing works. When I click on the Players button it changes from Pause to Play and freezes there until F5-refresed. Never any sound out. Funny that in my Opera53 browser sometimes it works after couple of refreshes but intermittently and rarely.


      My technical info: I use three browsers: mostly my old Opera 12.17, but also the latest Mozilla Firefox and Opera (54) under Win 7 Pro 64-bit, with all the latest updates. Opera 12 and Firefox use NPAPI, Opera54 PPAPI, versions,  both don't work the same way. Tried to uninstall and reinstall both the latest N- and P-papi player versions, flashed cache, etc. - nothing helps and changes. Adobe Player Check Tool ("Setting Manager") finds no problem.


      My favorite radio station site with the problem: Прямой эфир - Российский государственный музыкальный телерадиоцентр , haven't tried any else. My Chromebook however can play this fine.


      I suspect that my CCleaner run about 2 weeks ago may have damaged some obscure Registry keys, but I couldn't find any current info on the Player using Registry.


      Please help, I like this music.


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          Well, as it have been noted before by visitors, this site is completely useless and probably just serves for Adobe to pretend it provides some fake free support while actually it does none. Several days have passed with some moving around actions but none of help and/or reply. So I just had to fix it myself, I guessed.


          For those who may have similar problems, that's how I fixed it:

          1.Downloaded Adobe tool to completely uninstall the Flash Player and did it.

          2. I ran CCleaner which did flash out some Adobe junk from the Windows Registry. Rebooted.

          3. Downloaded an older version from Adobe archive site and installed it.

          4. Reboot and enjoy the working system.

          5a. (optional) Later I let the Adobe update itself to the latest version, but forbid it to do anything like that in the future.


          Thanks to Adobe support for not screwing it up with useless stupid 'advices' as often is the case these days!