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    Lightroom classic sync stuck - "open on unknown"




      I am using lightroom classic cc. I installed lightroom cc recently to test. I imported a few photos and these uploaded to the cloud. It also synced a few old lightroom albums that I had previous synced with the cloud. These were on an old desktop via lightroom classic a few months ago.



      I have since installed lightroom classic on my laptop and use this as my primary photo tool. Hence I imported some new images to this and synced to cc. As part of this process lightroom classic downloaded all the previously synced images from lightroom cc and the previously synced albums from my old lightroom classic.



      However lightroom sync is now stuck showing that there are still 1266 images to sync. On lightroom.adobe.com it says "please open xyz.raf on unknown to continue syncing".



      Lightroom mobile on my phone is up to date. Lightroom cc on my laptop is up to date. I don't have access to my older lightroom desktop. Some of the photos with this message shown the import date of a few days ago so I don't think it is this old desktop install that is the issue. I have tried reinstalling lightroom cc and classic. I have tired deleting sync data.



      Any help would be appreciated!