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    Confused on "FALL OUT report"

    H_L Level 1

      On the first Fall-Out Report, I simply create a checkpoint makes the "Online Segment" = bsd


      Then I create another Fall-Out Report, added a segment: Visits level, and Online Segment = bsd



      I expect, on the 2nd Fall-Out Report, the first "Visits" would equals to 43,860,988, but the result is not.


      Is there any expert could help to correct my understanding, where was wrong?


      I tried to click on "create segment" and read the criteria of the 2, but cannot really explain the differences of the counts.


      if the 1st Fall-Out Report represents: All visits (bsd,tbg,corp,social) THEN to "bsd" visits,

      the 2nd Fall-Out Report represents: All visits in "bsd" THEN to "bsd" visits.

      Then, the counts in the 2nd checkpoint in 2nd Fall-Out Report should smaller than in the 1st Fall-Out Report. Is it correct? - because in the 1st Fall-Out Report, more traffic to "bsd" from "tbg,corp,social" than only "bsd".


      Visit 1: Entry from dhs > bsd > "pages....." > exit

      Visit 2: Entry from bsd directly then explore pages.


      It seems to me Visit 1 & 2 will be included in 1st Fall-Out Report, but only Visit 2 will be in 2nd Fall-Out Report.

      So, the visits should be smaller in the 2nd checkpoin in Fall-Out Report 2 than Fall-Out Report 1.


      Please help to correct me.


      Thank you!