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    Using Embedded and Local Fonts Simulataneously

    execs68202057 Level 1

      First part of the problem: Adobe Acrobat 9 with Distiller. They refuse to upgrade (yes, it would solve my problem in under a second).


      So they received documents that require embedded fonts to be used in order to see the contents of the document.


      They are printing documents from Excel (font in question is Arial) and saving the document using Adobe PDF (yes, I have told it to embed all fonts) and when you open up the saved document, it is not showing the Arial font correctly. I have copied this and opened it in a later version and everything works perfectly. Opening in Edge works without a problem but the user does not want to use either of those means.


      I have reset the font settings on the workstation in an attempt to fix this.


      I have told it to use local fonts and it fixes it but the user does not want to go through all the hassle of ticking the three boxes to witch it when it does not appear correctly.


      Is there a way for it to detect the fonts correctly on this version or will they be forced to update in order to work correctly? Also, would Adobe Acrobat DC work as a replacement for Acrobat 9 and Distiller?